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  • Bawls Guarana - Stay up... play games... drink Bawls!
  • XTracPads - Makers of top-quality optical mouse pads and mouse accessories.  Check them out!  
  • Alienware - The best PC manufacturer in the world!
  • Plantronics - Plantronics offers superior head sets. The sound is AMAZING!
  • ATI Technologies - Home of the world's FASTEST GPU, the 9700 Pro.
  • Atomic Mosquitos - These surf guitar rockers contributed the fantastic tune "Love Canal" to the film.
  • DJ Merlin - Creator of the tune "The Hard Way," featured in the film.
  • Dled - Artful guitarist and composer who donated his song "In the Night I Stomp" to the production.
  • Non Finire Mai - Composer and musician whose music is featured throughout the film, and who even wrote the tune "Passing On" specifically for G4M3RS.

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