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Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine
May 2004

Electronic Gaming Monthly featured G4M3RS in a roundup of recommended gaming documentaries.

G4M3RS gets access to bigwigs and fanboys alike. It's a spot-on chronicle of one of gaming's crowning obsessions, from Counter-Strike's roots as a student-made project to the international phenomenon it has become.

PC Gamer Magazine
2003 Holiday Gift Guide

G4M3RS was recommended as a holiday gift by the world's leading PC gaming publication. Their instructions:

Insert DVD. Learn everything about Counter-Strike and its players. Like chicken soup for the gamer's soul.

The Adrenaline Vault
January 2004

Top competitive gaming site The Adrenaline Vault has published a four-star (out of five) review of G4M3RS:

It couldn't have been easy capturing the global impact of Counter-Strike, but the filmmakers behind G4M3RS have done just that, creating a documentary that not only portrays the mod's sweeping penetration, but also brings interesting personal stories to the screen.
Click here to read the full review.

Tech TV
January 2004

The Tech TV gaming program X-Play has featured an interview with G4M3RS director and producer Kiyash Monsef. To read more about their take on the film, and to watch streaming video of the interview, click here.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
May 6, 2004

The Philadelphia Inquirer covered G4M3RS in its weekly Tech column:

If there are any lingering doubts that Counter-Strike is a cultural phenomenon, G4M3RS erases them convincingly...This riveting DVD will please Counter-Strike fans as well as anyone curious about today's burgeoning gaming subculture.

The New York Daily News
February 1, 2004

G4M3RS was featured in the Sunday Arts Section of the Daily News:

The tight-knit CS community is ably explored in G4M3RS, an insightful feature-length documentary by first-time San Francisco-based filmmaker Kiyash Monsef. It covers everything from the game's history and father-and-son dynamics to international tournament play.
You can read the complete article here.

More praise for G4M3RS...

From LAN parties to the professional competitions, everything is covered in its true, raw, and sometimes emotional form. The filmmakers did a good job at being “at the right place at the right time” in order to catch some very emotional times on tape from which the film benefits highly...Kudos are given to the filmmakers for going the extra mile and capturing the excitement from one of the biggest games to date in gaming history.

-Sarah Smith,

G4M3RS strikes a good balance in presenting its material to the audience. Viewers who aren’t familiar with computer games will likely find the content both surprising and intriguing, while those who are gamers themselves will be interested in seeing interviews with some of the “big shots” in the field. As I play computer games myself, I found G4M3RS quite interesting in its exploration in depth of a phenomenon that I was only glancingly aware of…G4M3RS does a solid job of showing an interesting slice of life from a particular gaming community…G4M3RS is definitely worth seeing.

-Holly Ordway,

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